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Alisa R. Lancaster - Independent Lifeplus Associate

Expert advice for a healthier you

At Lifeplus we believe that a holistic approach to health and wellbeing is important and we are committed in supporting you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. We’ve teamed up with various medical experts to share their views on their specialist fields.

Whatever your goals – browse our expert advice and be inspired to share with your family and friends. Keep checking back for more.

Depression & State of Mind

Prescriptions for anti-depressants are on the rise in the UK. To learn more about depression and how better to support our state of mind, we asked Dr. Elizabeth Robinson to talk about treatment options and tips to improve mental wellbeing.

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Mental Health & Social Media

Social media is the great paradox of this generation. Whilst it can be empowering and fun it can also cause, at times, the fear of missing out and negative feelings of inadequacy. Claire Eastham offers top tips on how to stay sane online and to using social media in more balanced and positive ways.

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Leaky Gut

We have sat down with Dr Dwight McKee, Scientific Director at Lifeplus to talk about the leaky gut syndrome. Read his tips on how to prevent & treat the disorder through simple lifestyle choices.

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Intestinal Health

What is good for the gut, is good for you! Dr Stefan Feidt introduces the human microbiome, why it is important and what you can do to support it in order to improve your gut health.

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Staying Healthy

Inspiring people to lead healthier lives is at the heart of all we do at Lifeplus. In light of the various questions circling around viruses, we wanted to share some advice from our very own Dr. Dwight McKee on how to help keep healthy.

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Eating Well

How we eat contributes significantly to our physical health and overall wellbeing. Read our 10 tips to create a healthy and balanced diet and find out why specialist Kathrin Eidenberg believes that changing your diet for only 30 days can have long lasting effects on your health.

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