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Carola Pickenhan - Independent Lifeplus Associate

Only One Planet Earth

At Lifeplus we recognize there is only one planet earth and it is everyone’s responsibility to take the best possible care of it.

For decades we have taken our responsibility seriously. We regularly consider not only the impact of our decisions on our current community, but also on future generations.

We know that the decisions we make can serve as examples for others around us. We know that the vendors we choose can help communities thrive. We know that what we did in the past has paved the way for today and what we do in the present can result in a better world tomorrow.

Our today

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lifeplus only source non-GMO ingredients?

Yes. Lifeplus requires all vendors to provide documentation certifying that ingredients purchased from them are free from GMOs. We feel strongly that the extra effort and expense are worth it.

Why aren’t all Lifeplus products from organic sources?

Organic ingredients can be limited in supply. We source these where we are able to do so but our principal concern is always with the purity of ingredient to ensure our products are derived from the cleanest sources we can find.

And we are excited to see more and more options. Not only in certified organic ingredients but also organic ingredients grown in sustainable, regenerative and community supportive ways. We remain committed to continuously evaluating the market to see where we can adjust such that we are purchasing from growers / suppliers who offer the cleanest and consistently highest quality ingredients possible.

Does Lifeplus source ingredients from sustainable farms?

Yes - where we can, we do.

Do any Lifeplus products contain micro-plastic?


Why do you use HDPE [high density polyethylene] plastic as product packaging and how does that help the environment?

We use HDPE plastic, the best choice for product integrity, because it:

  • Is inert, just like glass, but unlike glass:
    • doesn’t break and therefore we don’t run the risk of our containers shattering.
    • is lightweight, requiring less fuel and cost for transportation.
  • Contains no BpA and / or phthalates. It’s stable to the point that nothing from the HDPE will "leach" into the contained product, even when heated.
  • Is resistant to many chemicals, including acids, alcohols, esters and oils.
  • Provides an impermeable barrier to block out light, air and moisture.
  • Doesn’t support, or encourage, the growth of bacteria or other microorganisms.
  • Is reusable. HDPE’s stability and inert nature makes its containers perfect for re-use.
  • Is easy for our consumers to recycle from their home compared to other plastics.
  • Is safe to burn [when done correctly by facilities set up to do so] reducing to just water and carbon dioxide.

And we now use 97% post-consumer waste recycled HDPE to save energy and reduce waste.

Our tomorrow

We understand our sustainability efforts are never complete …

As we continue to develop our relationships with established and new vendors, elevating our criteria to include a stronger emphasis on ingredients sourced through sustainable and regenerative agriculture, we remain committed to providing the best quality products possible.

And we have implemented an internal sustainability team who will continue to evaluate, implement and update our sustainability measures. From product ingredient selection to packaging solutions, from how we dispose of our waste to everything in between - we will continue to take sensible steps which improve our footprint on our one and only planet earth.

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