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Carola Pickenhan - Independent Lifeplus Associate

Your Wellness Centre

Want to help others achieve a lifetime of wellbeing?

Your Wellness Centre is full of credible information for you to help others achieve a healthier and happier life. It’s a useful tool for you to discover, share and connect.

DISCOVER a practical approach to overall wellness with various tips, trending topics and advice around our four key pillars…

    Staying Active – feel better on the inside and more confident on the outside
    Eating Well – fuel your body with good nutrition and feel the benefits
    State of Mind – regain your positive attitude to focus on being your best
    Nutritional Supplementation – support and enhance your balanced lifestyle

SHARE the articles whenever you need ideas, inspiration or answers. Direct people to the content or use the sharing feature to promote your favourite articles directly to your social media followers!

CONNECT all four pillars with overall wellbeing. Identify how all four areas of holistic wellbeing work together to help others achieve a healthier lifestyle - helping you to start conversations and make the connection with Lifeplus products.

The opportunities are endless. Use your Wellness Centre as a way to help engage with and inspire others with new ideas for healthy living.

Let’s lead a lifetime of wellbeing together.

Visit the Wellness Centre

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