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Carola Pickenhan - Independent Lifeplus Associate

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Whether you’re starting your journey into the world of nutritional supplementation and holistic wellbeing or are already well on your way, we have information, guidance and expert opinion to help and support you. Let us make it as easy as possible for you with a definitive range of trustworthy, authoritative and informative, easy-to-read articles and advice.

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How can you improve your memory?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Some people seem to be able to retain information and reel off facts and figures easily, while others might frequently struggle to remember even the simplest of things. It’s important not to panic if you find yourself become more forgetful, as studies have shown that memory will naturally decline as we age, so it’s not […]

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How can training your brain help with physical performance?

Reading Time: 3 minutes We all know that our brains and bodies are linked. But how do our cognitive abilities and our psychological health affect our physical abilities? How, for example, does training our brains help to improve response times, visual accuracy, memory and more? Sports performance requires a wealth of cognitive functions, such as attention, decision-making and working […]

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The health benefits of physical exercise and dance

Reading Time: 3 minutes How to harness the power of dance for better health Taking part in physical exercise offers many health benefits including better physical fitness, a better ability to manage weight and the reduction of stress levels. When we hear the word ‘exercise’ though, it can sound like a bit of a chore. It doesn’t have to […]

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How to get a natural energy boost with superfoods

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s so easy to run out of energy. We lead busy lives full of responsibility and we have to find time to work, relax, sleep and, of course, enjoy ourselves though the things we love, like socializing and keeping fit. All of these things require energy, which can be difficult to come by, but with […]

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The mental health benefits of exercise

Reading Time: 3 minutes What role does regular exercise play in your mental wellbeing? The health benefits of physical exercise are many and varied and, given the obvious affects it has on our fitness, shape and health, it’s understandable that this is where attention is often focused. Exercise is not just about increasing fitness and gaining bigger muscles though […]

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Guarana as a natural energizer

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is guarana and how does it work? Guarana, also known by its scientific name of Paullinia cupana, is popular as a natural energy booster and can be added to drinks as an alternative to drinking tea or coffee. Guarana extract naturally contains caffeine, but studies have shown that it can also have a positive […]

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Foods to sharpen your focus

Reading Time: 2 minutes Eat your way to improved concentration! Some days it can feel like your brain is stuck in first gear. You might find it hard to concentrate or discover your attention is wandering from the task at hand. While there can be many reasons for your mind suddenly deciding it’s going to take the day off, […]

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What will boost your mood?

Reading Time: 3 minutes You could try chocolate – a tried and tested go-to for most of us. And we know, scientifically, it can help.  Chocolate contains a small amount of tryptophan, an amino acid used by our brains to make serotonin (the neurotransmitter linked to feelings of happiness).1 But we also know it’s likely to have an effect […]

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The benefits of developing daily mindfulness exercises

Reading Time: 4 minutes Developing presence of mind Have you ever had difficulty remembering the last paragraph of a book you just read – or perhaps even where you were just a few minutes ago? Have you walked in a particularly beautiful spot, yet missed the breathtaking scenery because you were so caught up thinking about past or future […]

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