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Carola Pickenhan - Independent Lifeplus Associate

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Whether you’re starting your journey into the world of nutritional supplementation and holistic wellbeing or are already well on your way, we have information, guidance and expert opinion to help and support you. Let us make it as easy as possible for you with a definitive range of trustworthy, authoritative and informative, easy-to-read articles and advice.

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Seasonal eating

The buzz about bone broth

Reading Time: 2 minutes Considering the nutritional value of bone broth paired with its deliciousness, it’s no wonder this simple concoction is on-trend. Bone broth, made from simmering animal meat bones in water with a variety of vegetables and herbs, is a nutritional powerhouse consisting of collagen (which converts to gelatin when cooked), vitamins, and minerals. It can be […]

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Proper hydration during fall and winter

Reading Time: 2 minutes A crisp fall morning may call for a pumpkin spice coffee and a snowy winter afternoon can mean hot chocolate all around, but mindful hydration in cooler months should go beyond the occasional seasonal beverage. Hydration is important all year long. Not only does it help your overall sense of wellbeing, but specific benefits include: […]

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Seasonal living: Taking cues from nature for optimal wellness

Reading Time: 3 minutes In the modern world, we have the luxury of living in similar ways season to season, regardless of the time of year.  We can pick up a pint of strawberries in winter just as we can in summer. Sleep patterns can stay the same all year. And exercise in the gym can continue at a […]

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Delicious and nutritious winter foods

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you think fresh and nutrient-dense foods are only available in warmer months, think again. Winter is a wonderful time of year to take advantage of the abundance of delicious and nutritious foods.  Whether it’s roasting root vegetables for fiber and antioxidants, simmering broths for bone health and weight loss, or slicing citrus for immunity […]

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Ten ways to enjoy nutrient-dense winter foods

Reading Time: 2 minutes Winter is a time of hibernation in nature. For humans, this can make shopping for fresh produce feel stark and desolate. If you find yourself missing the sweet strawberries and ripe tomatoes of summer, don’t fret. Winter offers an abundance of nutrient-dense foods that can take your season from drab and boring to delicious and […]

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Why and how to make a purposeful transition between seasons

Reading Time: 2 minutes Did you know the more connected we are with nature (like that of nature therapy), the healthier we may be?  Considering the great outdoors can do everything from nourish our bodies to boost our mood, it may be time to develop a deeper relationship with it in order to gain as many benefits as we […]

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Transitioning to a seasonal fall diet

Reading Time: 2 minutes In addition to the beautiful change of nature’s colors, the crisp feel of an autumn morning, and the coziness of the early evening twilight, for many, falling in love with fall includes enjoying the rich, nutrient-dense foods that fill our plates. And for good reason. Even though today’s world offers the ease and accessibility of […]

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The unknown benefits of growing your own foods

Reading Time: 2 minutes From better nutrition to improved mental and physical health, the benefits of growing your own food are plentiful. Whether you are growing a small pot of kitchen herbs or an allotment full of fresh fruits and vegetables, you’re doing good for both your own health, and the environment. Here are our top five reasons to […]

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Green vegetables

Reading Time: 4 minutes Why it’s worth eating green vegetables and fruit A colorful diet brings variety to the kitchen. You can support your own health by cooking different colored vegetables. Many people like to grab yellow peppers, purple eggplant or red tomatoes in the supermarket — but green vegetables can also be regularly added to the shopping basket. […]

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The seeds of satisfaction

Reading Time: 4 minutes Many of us already know that organic whole foods are highly nutritious with little to none of the additives and preservatives that can be found in some of the processed foods lining our supermarket shelves. Yet many also believe that sourcing good quality produce involves specialist suppliers or higher price tags. Yet there’s another option […]

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Eating seasonal foods

Reading Time: 3 minutes With many fruits and vegetables available year-round it’s easy to forget that nature knows best, and that the foods it provides us with do in fact have an optimal eating time. 1 Seasonal fruits and vegetables not only support our nutritional needs more efficiently, but they taste better too! These are just a couple of […]

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Eat superfoods for winter wellness

Reading Time: 2 minutes Traditionally, winter is not the season we tend to associate with good health. But why? Is it the masses of cold, flu and cough remedies that suddenly start to take over our cabinets? The harsh, biting wind that whips around slowly freezing us, or the long dark evenings that lower our mood and drain our […]

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Little red wonders

Reading Time: 3 minutes Small, shiny, tasty – and good for you too. No wonder cherries are a firm favorite for so many. In fact, cherries are beloved in countries around the world, with National Cherry Day in the UK, and whole festivals dedicated to them in the USA.1 We just can’t seem to get enough of this small […]

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