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Carola Pickenhan - Independent Lifeplus Associate

The importance of taste in our diet

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Do you take milk or lemon in your tea? Maybe you like to add a generous dollop of delicious natural honey to sweeten your favorite hot beverage? Or do you prefer to keep things plain – to savor the flavor as Mother Nature intended?1

It’s all a question of taste – but what we can’t deny is that it’s often the taste of things which makes us love or loathe them.

Pleasing flavors are often nature’s way of telling us that things are safe to eat or drink. In the wild, poisonous berries and plants have a bitter or repulsive taste which serves to educate us that they are not for us. In addition, our favorite tastes have a way of changing as we get older. Do you remember the utter horror of seeing a Brussels sprout or a large pile of cabbage on your dinner plate as a child? Any parent will be familiar with the theatrical gagging or abject refusal of their offspring to even consider eating something green… and yet, as we get older our tastes change to the point where previously reviled vegetables can be greeted with pleasure and even excitement!

The taste of something is as important as it is individual to each of us. However, the key element is that whatever we are eating or drinking, it is doing us good. With Consumers increasingly aware that food manufacturers can load products with synthetic “taste enhancers,” we are rightly wary of the ingredients which go into our food. Natural products – including organic produce – is seeing a growing share of the UK marketplace, with switched on consumers often choosing a natural product, not just because of its lack of additives, but because it actually tastes better!2

 At Lifeplus we encourage people to get creative with our products – finding new ways to incorporate them into recipes and sharing these with others. Hence, when it comes to new taste sensations, we’re no strangers to making sure that our flavors are both natural and delicious!

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