Lifeplus Foundation

2018 is our year for getting back to our grass roots, whether that’s meeting your new team or with local fundraising together with you.

Your support so far for The Lifeplus Foundation has been amazing. This year we’d love to encourage you and your teams to take part in a full year of grass root support of the Lifeplus Foundation, but you choose what to do and when. We need you to tell us all about it - whether it’s a cake bake off, a soccer match, a car boot sale, an active week walk – anything goes! And, you never know, we might even join your fundraiser if you tell us all about it in advance! So please continue to do all you can to support The Lifeplus Foundation in whatever way works best for you and your teams. We truly appreciate and value everything you do for so many others.

We’re looking forward to a fabulous year of events and fundraisers with you all in 2018!

Party with a Purpose

Lifeplus Foundation Fun Run

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