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Gary Wells - Independent Lifeplus Associate


Powerful Nutrition in a Convenient Tablet

Suitable for Vegetarians

For those who are on the go and want to take a truly comprehensive multiple vitamin and mineral supplement in tablet form, TVM-Plus is the one of choice. It contains 100% of the Recommended Daily Values of all the essential vitamins and minerals, except calcium, iron and phosphorous.

As a multiple vitamin tablet, TVM-Plus is unique, containing 60% of the Daily Value for calcium and 100% of the Daily Value for magnesium. Having the benefit of no added iron, TVM-Plus is also formulated in the exclusive Lifeplus PhytoZyme™ base of plant enzymes and synergistic fruit, vegetable and herbal concentrates. TVM-Plus assures you receive your “essential” nutrients, plus more.

Gluten Free

Product 6102 is not available for sale or distribution in California. Product 1357 will be substituted.

180 Tablets

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