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Lynn Thomas - Independent Lifeplus Associate

Open an online account

If you don’t already have an online account with Lifeplus it’s quick and easy to set on up. But remember:

  • You will need your PIN on hand if you are an existing customer


  • You will need your sponsor’s PIN or Name if you don’t yet have your own PIN

Opening an online account means you can quickly and easily place orders whenever you want without having to input addresses and payment details every time. It also means you can manage your ASAP orders online too.

Existing Customer:

“I have a Lifeplus PIN*, but not an online account yet.”

Create an online account.
New Customer

“I do not have a Lifeplus PIN*.”

Create an online account.

*PIN: This is your “Personal Identification Number” used when placing orders by phone, using our order form or online. You will also find it on your Lifeplus invoice. If you do not have a PIN or cannot remember it please contact our Customer Service team.

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