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Rachel Stevens - Independent Lifeplus Associate

Bodysmart Solutions Womens Gold

Suitable for Vegetarians

Specially formulated vitamin supplements to be synergistic with the vitamins and nutrients found in the BodySMART Solutions Triple Protein Shake. These supplements are formulated to help support your special needs that are determined by your sex and age. If your body does not have all the nutrients it needs to work at maximum efficiency, this will slow down your fat loss. By taking these vitamin formulations, you will get 100% or more of the daily values of all vitamins and minerals without risk of exceeding the safe levels of certain nutrients.

By taking the BodySMART Solutions Multivitamin Formulas for Men and Women in conjunction with your BodySMART Solutions Triple Protein Shakes, you can be assured that, not only are you receiving all the nutrients that are essential, but also a spectrum of nutrition that goes far beyond that.

Gluten Free