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Rachel Stevens - Independent Lifeplus Associate

Inspiring healthier and happier lives.

Our story is about people unified by a passion for health, lifestyle and helping others. Their belief was that with help and guidance people really could transform their lives for the better and this became the foundation for Lifeplus.

Our story starts in 1992 in the USA when Bob Lemon was a pharmacist. He had begun to see patterns in the customers at his pharmacies; often one treatment led to the need for another. This concerned him, so he began to take a deep interest in nutritional science and soon realised the important role it would come to play in supporting overall health and wellbeing. A new chapter then began; Bob decided to formulate and manufacture his own nutritional supplements. He meticulously monitored the supply and quality of the ingredients, to make sure each product was of the very highest standard.

Bob’s approach and his exceptional products soon came to the attention of Dr Dwight McKee, then a young doctor who was pioneering treatments based on holistic wellbeing and seeing interesting results. Their shared philosophy led to the two becoming firm friends and collaborating on nutritional formulations in a partnership that remains as strong now as it was back then.

Bob soon found himself joined by other partners - from many different backgrounds in business, but each sharing his passion for helping people.

Since then, Lifeplus has grown into what we believe is one of the world’s top business marketing companies supplying high quality nutritional products, distributed via a referral marketing model that not only connects our customers directly to our products, but to each other.

That’s why every single customer adds to our story, helping us preserve the spirit upon which we were founded.

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