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Roland Vikström - Independent Lifeplus Associate

Learn about ASAP

What is ASAP?

ASAP is a customer loyalty program that offers cost and convenience benefits to customers who use our products regularly.

Why should I join the ASAP program?

By joining our ASAP program we can be sure that we ship your favorite products every month on a date convenient to you

You can get access to special pricing that gives a discount on the recommended retail price on some of our most popular products.

Because we know what products you want and when you want them we can schedule your order in advance so you know you will never be without the products that are part of your daily health and wellbeing routine.

You can also benefit from preferential shipping costs that become more attractive depending on IP value.

You can also benefit from preferential shipping costs that become more attractive depending on dollar value of your order - and in some cases shipping is completely free.

You can find further information on shipping cost advantages by:

How it works

  • Your favorite products will be dispatched on your chosen date every month until cancelled or suspended.
  • Your ASAP products will arrive on your chosen date each month and your preferred payment method will be charged on dispatch.

How do I join the ASAP program?

Joining ASAP is easy.

When ordering online through the shopping cart simply:

Check the box ‘Make this ASAP’ against each product you would like to receive every month.

This selection will be noted on our system and you will be automatically enrolled in the ASAP program so you can start enjoying the benefits immediately.

You can also join our ASAP program by placing an order through our ASAP Management tool

Terms and Conditions

  • Change or cancel your ASAP order by at least 3 to 5 business days before your ASAP order is due to be dispatched

ASAP Management

Once you’ve set up and received delivery of your first ASAP order you can manage your ASAP orders online. This makes it quick and easy to make sure you are receiving the products you want every month.

When using the ASAP online tools simply:

  1. Login online
  2. Make changes to:
    • Items on your ASAP order
    • Preferred dispatch date
    • Payment details
  3. Submit your changes and we’ll do the rest
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What is ASAP?
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What is ASAP?
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