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Welcome to the personal shop of: Rainer Ott

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Welcome to the personal shop of: Rainer Ott

Unlock the Wellness Within You
Wellbeing For Life Festival

Tickets are now available to purchase from our ticket partner, Munich Ticket. Secure your places here.

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Holistic wellness

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
– Merriam-Webster

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Feel the difference

We've refined the art of crafting products beyond compare.

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Hone Your Inner Power
See if our community is right for you

I’m proud of what I’ve achieved with Lifeplus so far. I’m pleased with my own health successes and those of others I’ve encouraged.

Cristina, Spain

I feel comfortable in my own skin again, and I want to make this possible for others too.

Ute, Germany

I’m motivated by growing old with friends and being fitter and healthier - living instead of surviving.

David, Switzerland

I wish everyone had access to healthy nutrition and meaningful supplementation. The focus should be staying healthy and fit from the beginning, rather than seeking a cure.

Dagmar, Netherlands

I feel happy when I share my knowledge with other people - passing on the Lifeplus concept. The products help me stay strong and stable.

Doris, France

I’m inspired by the fantastic idea of being able to help people naturally and effectively.

Angelika, Germany
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The quality you deserve
Our products are made using premium ingredients and expertly developed formulations to ensure they are of the highest quality.
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To ensure the consistent, unmatched quality of our products, we manufacture our own vitamins and supplements and never sell through third-parties.
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We use responsibly-sourced ingredients and sustainable packaging, so our business can leave as little impact on the planet as possible.
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