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  1. A year in review by James Ellington

    Reading Time: 5 minutes Community is an important element that makes up Lifeplus. That’s why we’re so committed to driving initiatives that help others to succeed – on every level. And we’re delighted that our continued partnership with Olympic athlete, James Ellington, enables us to support his comeback through our quality products and enthusiastic community. James continues to inspire […]

  2. An interview with an Olympic Athlete – James Ellington

    Reading Time: 6 minutes Ever wondered what it’s like to walk in the footsteps of an Olympic athlete? Lifeplus has entered a sponsorship deal with British Olympic athlete, James Ellington, as he continues his incredible and inspirational journey to elite level athletic competition after a major road accident in 2017. While we’ll be joining him on his journey from […]

  3. An introduction to Olympic triple jumper, Christian Taylor

    Reading Time: 10 minutes Inspiration. Every day the Lifeplus community strives to inspire people around the world to live well. People get it from their work, their families, their mentors, their heroes and even their personal and business challenges. Our community is full of inspirational people and we’re proud to expand this by introducing a new sponsorship deal with […]

  4. Create a Resilience action plan with James Ellington

    Reading Time: 5 minutes What does it mean to be resilient? No matter what life stage you’re at, it’s inevitable that we all come across the ups and downs of life. Resilience is the ability to deal and bounce back from those difficult events. It doesn’t mean that emotional upheaval or varying stress levels aren’t experienced, it’s the way […]

  5. James Ellington’s insight into nutrition for athletes

    Reading Time: 4 minutes An athlete’s nutritional approach to optimal performance Whether you’re exercising to improve your mental and physical health or at more of a professional athlete level, sports nutrition plays an important role in optimising the beneficial effects of physical activity, no matter what type of movement workout you do. Making the right choices with your nutrition […]

  6. James Ellington’s top ten tips to staying mentally focused

    Reading Time: 5 minutes What is mental focus? Olympic athlete, James Ellington, is someone that has proven his mental focus through his incredible and inspirational journey to elite level athletic competition after a major road accident in 2017. Having suffered multiple severe injuries which saw him in a wheelchair, he experienced a knockback that not only threatened his career […]

  7. Staying active: Olympic athlete James Ellington through the ages

    Reading Time: 4 minutes Regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can focus on for your health. From managing your weight, to improving your state of mind and overall fitness – the benefits of staying active are well known. And this is the case no matter your age. Whilst motivations and activities may be different […]