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Our Lifeplus formula

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Staying Active

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Eating Well

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State of Mind

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Nutritional Supplementation

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A lifetime of wellbeing

At Lifeplus we share a passion for helping others reach their full potential for a healthier and happier life. Our work as thought leaders in holistic health is intended to replace any anxiety with helpful information on how easy it can be to enjoy a lifetime of wellbeing.

With so much information on healthy living covering what you should eat from carbohydrates to vegetables, when you should exercise be it at home or at the gym, how much sleep and how you should feel it can be hard to know where to go for answers you can trust. Lifeplus formula is our long shared philosophy and practical approach to your overall wellness. Backed by nutritional science it summarises our knowledge and experience to unlock a powerful way to boost, and support and supplement your individual health.

We'll help you to discover what works best for you so you remain motivated and on track to reach your wellness goals. Discover inspiring healthy habits for your complete balance of mind, body and soul and how small significant steps can lead to a better quality of life.

Dr Dwight Mckee

"It’s called holistic medicine, but it has more to do with avoiding the need for medicine. By eating well, keeping a positive state of mind and staying active people are applying our Lifeplus formula for wellbeing. And they are finding out that this comprehensive approach to life makes them happier and healthier, more optimistic, full of hope, open-minded and confident."

quote from Dr Dwight McKee
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