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Our Mission
At Lifeplus, we strive to be a leader in holistic wellness. Why holistic? Because wellness is about so much more than what we consume. Physical activity, work-life balance, happiness, gratitude, financial stability, and community are only some of the factors that impact health. Put simply, true wellness is about different components coming together to achieve more than the sum of these parts.
Our Products
Designed for synergy, the ingredients we use in our products activate and complement each other, working together to help you actually feel the difference. And we’re passionate about quality – maybe even obsessed. That’s why our research and manufacturing teams create as many Lifeplus products in-house as possible.
Our Business Philosophy
Doing business for over thirty years has taught us that to care for our customers the way they deserve, we have to do it ourselves. With people dedicated to building something different – because people who care about the whole make a difference. And that’s a difference worth making.
Our Community
Our Community is full of warm, friendly, and supportive people who are passionate about helping others unlock their own wellness. It’s one of the things we’re most proud of, but it’s hard to point to a single reason why Lifeplus attracts such people. Maybe it’s our products. Maybe it’s how we treat people. Maybe it’s our simple, risk-free system. Most likely, it’s all of it together – the whole of their experience with Lifeplus.
Our Celebrations
Bringing our Community and employees together through memorable events creates an atmosphere that’s hard to describe – experiences you truly “have to be there” to understand. The collective energy of our people celebrating together and having fun is palpable and inspiring. That’s why we host regular trips, parties, and large-scale events throughout the year and are always looking for more ways to celebrate the people that make up Lifeplus.

In June 2022, we held our first Wellbeing For Life Festival in Munich, Germany and are proud to have been awarded 3rd place in BEAworld’s Best Festival of the Year contest. We’re excited for the chance to outdo ourselves and host an even better festival this year.
Our Lifeplus Foundation
Lifeplus is for everyone, but not everyone can take part. There are many communities for whom securing basic needs like clean water and primary education are a challenge. For them, we have the Lifeplus Foundation. The Lifeplus Foundation helps underserved communities help themselves, building the foundation for a sustainable future. Lifeplus pays for all the Foundation’s basic operating costs so that as much of the donations as possible make it to those in need. Visit the Lifeplus Foundation website to learn more.
Our Planet
Sustainability matters. Since we borrow inspiration and ingredients from nature, making sustainable choices helps us keep things even. Using 100%-post-consumer recycled materials for every product packaged in-house, never testing on animals, and implementing eco-friendly programs in our facilities are just some ways we give back.
Our Future
Our mission is to be a global leader in holistic wellness. There’s lots of work left to do, but we’re excited to keep growing our product lines and resources to help people unlock the wellness within. And though we’ve been in business for over three decades, it feels like we’re just getting started.