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Creative Garden ideas for kids

Reading Time: 2 minutes

What’s more fun for kids than playing in the dirt?

Getting rewarded for those soiled hands with beautiful blooms, fresh vegetables, and aromatic herbs that teach them the value of our earth and the beauty and abundance it offers.

And it doesn’t just stop there. Gardening for children strengthens young microbiomes, teaches the importance of patience and hard work, and encourages them to try new foods. It’s a wondrous low-stimulating hobby that can be enjoyed for years to come – both mentally and physically.

So how do you get kids excited to garden? In addition to the joy of just getting dirty, there are many creative ways to pique a child’s interest and nurture their love of growing plants. Here are five options to inspire you and your family.

Meal Gardens

So many kids love pizza and tacos that planting a garden around these meals may be a little one’s dream.

Ingredients such as tomatoes, garlic, basil, and oregano can be planted and picked by kids for homemade pizza night. Include homegrown peppers, spinach, or eggplant for unique toppings.

For those who love chips and salsa, tacos, and enchiladas, a salsa garden consisting of tomatoes, onions, and cilantro is an easy and fun way to start gardening.

In addition to easily recognizable meal gardens, consider other creative ideas such as a Three Sisters Garden which consists of corn, beans, and butternut squash planted together. These plants grow synergistically and can then be made into a salad or stew.

Think about your family’s favorites and use it as inspiration to get planting.

Pet Garden

For those with pets or for a child who would just like to grow food for animals, a pet and/or animal garden is a special option.

When planting, consider the animal(s) you are planting for.


            – catnip for cats

            – green beans, carrots, and broccoli to steam for dogs

            – carrots, cabbage, and lettuce for rabbits

            – carrots and apples for horses

            – lettuces for turtles

The motivation to help another living being can drive a little one to spend time in the garden.

Butterfly/Insect Garden

Do you have a child who loves insects? Adores butterflies? Or wants to save the bees?

Then a garden designated for these creatures could be the perfect choice.

Research what types of flowers and plants can grow in your area that attract pollinators such as honeybees, ladybugs, and butterflies. In addition, bright red flowers encourage visits from hummingbirds.

Play-structure Garden

Kids love to play, so what if their garden was intertwined? 

Homemade teepees or clubhouses can provide ample opportunity to grow plants – particularly those with vines.

Try growing sugar snap peas on a stick or wood teepee, blueberry or raspberry bushes around a clubhouse, or grapes along a trellis above a picnic table.

Unstructured Garden

Sometimes children can make life chaotic, so why not go with it and let that inspire their garden?

Let kids pick out a variety of seeds and plant them however they’d like (even if that’s throwing them all in one area!) while you all enjoy watching what grows. The reduced expectation this type of garden holds can be great for kids and parents alike.

Are you ready to begin planting with your little ones? Whether it be outdoors in a formal area of your yard or an indoor garden on your windowsill, children can reap a variety of benefits from gardening.