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Five reasons why encouraging an active childhood lifestyle is important

Reading Time: 2 minutes

An active childhood is beneficial for physical, mental, and social wellbeing. It promotes bone health, enhances immunity, manages stress, and encourages connection with others. 

Not to mention, it can just be plain fun.

However, younger generations are currently facing a global pandemic with a limit on who they can interact with, an increase in societal rules and regulations, and copious amounts of technology and gadgets – all of which can contribute to a more sedentary lifestyle than years prior.

But even though spending less time moving is now common, it’s not particularly healthy. 

A more static way of living can lead to everything from childhood obesity to adult-onset diabetes, which means encouraging a lifestyle filled with daily movement in younger years can be essential to proper adult growth and development.

Let’s take a further look at why encouraging an active childhood lifestyle is important.

1. It supports physical health.

It’s no surprise that an active way of life is a healthy way of life, but more specifically, it bolsters maturing bodies by supporting:

            – immunity

            – bone health

            – blood sugar regulation

            – weight management

            – energy

            – digestion

            – sleep

            – mood balance

2. It stimulates mental health.

The moment when you climbed to the top, scored your first goal, or discovered a new passion – those feelings meant something, and they still do for young ones.

Confidence, self-esteem, courage, and perseverance are all essential qualities that physical activity can build in a child and in effect, can stay with them the rest of their lives.

3. An active adult lifestyle is easier to maintain if started as a child.

When a child grows up with plenty of daily movement, an active lifestyle is simply a way of life.

As adults, we can carry on this healthy foundation even when things fall out of rhythm.

4. It encourages healthy socialization.

A life full of movement leads to making new friends as well as experiences that allow for development of current relationships.

Running around with neighborhood friends, learning a sport with a different group of kids, and bonding with the family over an evening walk are all good for a child’s health physically, mentally, and socially.

5. Motivating kids inspires us to be good role models.

Yes, those little sponges really do listen to what we say and watch what we do, so keep this in mind when trying to set a good example of how important it is to be active.

Showing them what you learned at gym class, teaching them a sport you love, letting them cheer you on during your annual 5k run – these all promote the joy of movement and create a great bonding experience.

As you continue your daily life, consider how active the children in your life are. Could they use some inspiration to become more active?