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Ten self-care tips for a successful holiday season

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Taking care of your mind and body during any time of the year is important.

And during the holidays, it’s essential. The hustle and bustle of this time of year is often filled with scrumptious goodies and late-night parties – not to mention self-induced stress. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Make this year one in which you are present, healthy, and joyous with these 10 self-care tips for a successful holiday season.

1. Set realistic expectations.

Whether it’s for yourself or others, understand that the holidays probably won’t be perfect and that there is beauty in this realization. 

2. Get proper sleep.

Crucial for immunity, good sleep should be high on your priority list. Practice healthy sleep habits and make sure to stick to your routine whenever possible.

3. Ask for help.

Preparing a big family meal or decorating the house doesn’t have to happen alone. Reach out to others for help – many people enjoy lending a helping hand.

4. Be mindful of eating habits.

Despite common belief, holiday eating isn’t an all or nothing affair. Make conscious choices about what you consume and allow for flexibility when you want to indulge.

5. Breathe.

Breathing techniques such as counting inhales and exhales to four, belly breathing, and pranayama breathing are all valuable tools when it comes to slowing down and managing stress. Practice them when sitting in traffic, after dropping the kids off at school, or even during a frantic holiday shopping spree.

6. Make taking supportive nutrients easy.

Remember to continue taking medications and supplements even when things get busy. Place supplements on your nightstand, next to your bathroom sink, and even at your work desk (as an extra supply) so you don’t forget.

7. Look for ways to be active with loved ones.

Instead of sitting all day, enjoy a walk after dinner, play active games as a family, go ice skating one afternoon, or try an online tai-chi class together. Make sure to balance food and sitting with movement.

8. Drink tea.

A glass of warm tea can be comforting and calming. Try for a daily cup (ones with adaptogen herbs such as holy basil and rhodiola give extra stress support).

9. Don’t forget to laugh.

It’s important to find humor in ourselves and in situations, particularly during the holidays. A good laugh is even supportive to the immune system. So, the next time the pumpkin pie crust gets burned and the filling is soupy, just have a good laugh about it and let it go.

10. Find time for yourself.

Make sure to allot time and space to rest and regroup. It’s okay to say no to some things and yes to reading, napping, exercising, talking on the phone, cooking, taking a bath, and just enjoying some peace and quiet.

The holidays are an exciting time, but without proper self-care, you can find yourself overwhelmed and exhausted. Take care of your health – mentally and physically – by prioritizing what’s important to you.