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What is manifestation and how can it improve your life?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Manifestation is strongly linked to the law of attraction.

If there is something you desire, you have to ask for it in order for it to happen. Essentially, it is the process of thinking positively or having aspirational thoughts with the purpose of turning them into reality. Bob Proctor, the famous Canadian self-help author who contributed to the film The Secret famously said “if you can see it in your mind you can hold it in your hands.” This is the very core of manifestation.

Manifestation at work

If you wake up in the morning, regardless of how you are feeling, and you go outside and people are telling you all day that you look fantastic, your skin is glowing and you are looking really well, the likelihood is that by the time you get back home, you will feel really positive. On the flipside, if you keep bumping into people that ask if you are feeling ok and comment that you look under the weather, by the time your get back home you probably will feel less than your best. This is the power of positive thinking—what we think, we feel. With manifestation, what we wish for, we can receive.

Steps to manifestation

There is no wrong or right way to manifest something. For some people it could be based around quiet reflection and positive thinking while for others, it could mean telling everyone what they desire. Likewise, while manifestation links with spirituality, you don’t need to be a spiritual person in order for it to work.

Manifestation is a very personal thing but these simple steps are a good starting point if you are wanting to explore it and don’t know where to begin:

Get clear on your goals

What do you really want? Until you know, it’s difficult to put it out there and hope that you will get it. You need to focus on more than simply asking for a ‘happy life.’ What would make you happy? A new job? A healthy relationship? You can be as specific as you like. Perhaps you are writing a book? Try breaking down the process. Do you want to find the inspiration to write? Do you want to find creativity to come up with a new idea? Do you want to find a route to publication? Be clear on what you want so you know what to ask for.

Ask for what you want

It’s that simple, but this can be where we come unstuck. Do whatever works for you. You could write it down, create a visual mood board, tell other people or simply meditate and reflect upon it. The important thing is simply to ask.

Create an action plan to work towards your goals

Don’t just leave it there. You’ve asked and you can be confident that you will get what you need, but you need to do your part too. If you asked for a new job for example, try practicing for interviews or joining a new networking group. The opportunities will be manifested for you, but you still have to put yourself in their path. Keep focused on your desires and trust the process. As long as you keep asking, when the time is right you will get what you need.

Let go of any resistance

In order to manifest we need to enter a higher vibration that aligns with our desires to help us move forward. Life is full of ups and downs of course, but generally we want to maintain an underlying positive vibration because that is the state in which we attract great things.1 The law of attraction states that like attracts like, so if we want to have positive things in our lives, we need to be positive ourselves. Focus on things that make you feel good and clear all resistance and toxicity that stands in your path. If your vision is being clouded by fears and negativity, acknowledge that, but don’t dwell on it and allow yourself to move past it.

Receive, acknowledge and be thankful

We may not get what we want in the time frame we asked for, but have faith that we will have got it in the time frame that we needed to—gratitude is key. As human beings we are not always good at accepting positivity though, whether it’s graciously accepting a compliment or receiving a gift. Remember that you have asked for this and you deserve it! Acknowledge your part in being brave enough to put it out there and be thankful that your desires were manifested.

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