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Winter skin care

Reading Time: 3 minutes

While some of us love the colder winter months, for many, life seems to slow down and we go inward. Because of this, winter is the perfect time to do more self-care, particularly when it comes to skin care. Just because the sun isn’t shining every day, it doesn’t mean our skin can’t glow.

Top skincare tips for winter Vs summer

Make your bathroom a sanctuary

No one wants to spend the long summer evenings indoors but in winter it’s a different story altogether. Take an hour to go through the clutter of your bathroom cabinet and shower shelf. Evaluate what you actually use regularly (weekly or more often) and throw or give away the rest. If anything is more than six months or a year old and hasn’t been used, consider throwing it away.

Minimizing your winter skin care routine is an important first step when we are going to be spending more time inside. It not only declutters your bathroom but also declutters your mind and boosts your energy. Add to the spa-like ambience by hanging plants in the bathroom – they will purify the air which is good for your whole body, but particularly your skin.

Simplify your ingredients

It is becoming increasingly popular to use DIY (do-it-yourself) skin and hair care products. If you’re up for trying your hand at making your own beauty care products, then start off simple – no need for elaborate recipes or complicated concoctions. Wash your hair with chamomile and lavender tea. Use baking soda as a gentle skin exfoliator. Apply olive oil or warmed liquid coconut oil to the ends of your hair for a weekly deep oil treatment. Gently pat shea butter around your eyes and mouth – this has been shown in studies to moisturize facial wrinkles and help repair tissues.1

Use the same shea butter for a deep moisturizing of your feet after a foot scrub. If you’d rather stick with products you purchase, make sure they aren’t doing more harm than good. Dr. Krishna, a member of the American Board of Dermatology, suggests avoiding scented or fragranced products as they are more likely to irritate your skin in the winter.2

Don’t forget your hands

Hand hygiene is important year-round but particularly as part of your winter skin care routine for the prevention of contagious illnesses.

But handwashing coupled with cold, dry air can be tough on our hands’ skin. Place containers of rich and creamy lotion at all your sinks – bathrooms, kitchen, and utility room. It makes for a convenient reminder to keep your hands moisturized.

Choose lotions that have a citrus essential oil in them for an added winter mood pick-me-up. Carry a small hand lotion tube in your handbag and put another one in your car for more convenient reminders to moisturize your hands.

Be wary of harsh exfoliants since your hands will already be naturally sloughed with all the extra handwashing. You don’t want to make your hands’ skin any more prone to irritation or rawness.

Additional winter skin care tips

As well as conveniently placed lotions and creams, make sure you’re adding (and not subtracting) moisture in other ways. Hydrate with cleansing citrus teas and waters. Use humidifiers and vaporizers (try finding ones with the capacity to diffuse essential oils) throughout your home.

Be sure to consume hydrating fruits and vegetables that will add more fluid to your diet — try apples, grapes and in-season citrus, as well as greens such as spinach, kale, and chard.

Amp up the self-care routine with weekly reminders set on your calendar or phone to do a deep conditioning of your whole body using a blend of argan oil, shea butter, and coconut oil or similar natural ingredients – there are many.

If you pay as much attention to your skin care in winter vs. summer, come the summer months you’ll be a step ahead when it comes to getting that healthy glow we all dream of.

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