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Andrew Streat - Independent Lifeplus Associate

Nature’s most<br/>effective combinations

Nature’s most
effective combinations

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Natural health care, fitness and nutritional products for overall wellness

Nutritional products made with our unique Lifeplus know-how and nature’s most effective combinations. Our passion is to deliver the highest quality support for everyday wellness.

Our natural health care products are all about the fusion of science and nature.

The science of how our bodies work – and how they use natural processes and ingredients to optimise performance. This understanding, of the relationship between fitness, nutrients and our bodies, is something that goes into every product we make.

Taking our lead from nature we use only the finest ingredients, applying our unique insight to combine them in a way that allows the nutrients to work in synergy and to increase their overall effectiveness. We take great care with every product, manufacturing them sensitively and sustainably, ensuring that their potency is retained throughout the process.

There are 3 key principles behind our products.


Founded through a partnership between Bob Lemon, a pharmacist by trade, and Dwight Mckee, a specialist in oncology, who both had a passionate interest in how nutrition plays a key role in health and wellbeing, they had a unique insight into how nutrients can be carefully combined to support holistic wellness and this insight still informs our product development today.


We use only the finest ingredients and manufacture our products in a sensitive and sustainable way to ensure we retain the potency of all ingredients throughout the manufacturing process – for example we use cold processing to minimise heat generation as heat can destroy the potency of the enzymes we are working with.


We seek tirelessly to find new natural ingredients that help to improve overall fitness, health care and well-being. We find ways to combine them in a way that supports our natural body processes. Our innovative, proprietary PhytoZyme® base that provides the bonding agent for our products is 100% natural and supports the assimilation process of getting the nutrients in our products into our systems. It is a new way of binding ingredients together – and is just one simple example of how we do things differently.

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