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How to Order

We’re delighted you’d like to place your order with us. At Lifeplus we believe managing your natural wellbeing shouldn’t be confusing - and this goes for ordering your products as well. To help you we’ve pulled together all the information you may need below.

New to Lifeplus?

If you’re new to Lifeplus, you will need an account. It’s really simple to do and you only need to do it once. You’ll then have ongoing easy access to our wide range of high quality vitamin and mineral supplements and natural skin care. You will need your sponsor’s name or PIN (the person who introduced you to Lifeplus) as we are a referral marketing company. If you have any questions please contact our Customer Care team.

Already a customer?

If you’re an existing customer, i.e. you’ve already made an order with us by phone or email, you just need to enter a few more details to have direct access online. It couldn’t be easier. Make sure you have your PIN (Personal Identification Number) number handy as you’ll need it to create your account. You can find it on your Lifeplus invoice. If you can’t find or remember it please contact our Customer Care team.

Getting started

To get started, simply click on ‘Open an online account’ below. If you have any questions about our ordering process, visit our Ordering FAQs for more information. To learn more about ASAP, our customer loyalty programme, which can save you money on monthly orders, click the button below. You can also find more information about delivery and shipment below.

We look forward to receiving your order.

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