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Leslie - Independent Lifeplus Associate

Micro•Mins™ Plus

Supports Overall Health & Wellness

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

Minerals are the foundation of our bodies since minerals are components of hormones and enzymes that are responsible for our biochemical life. Lifeplus carefully researched the various sources of the minerals contained in Micro-Mins Plus™ and uses only the best-quality plant-derived colloidal minerals available.

These minerals are found in organic humic shale that, during prehistoric time, was lush vegetation. As the plants died, they accumulated and through nature’s forces eventually compressed and dried, forming the minerals now found.

A special process has been developed to extract the minerals in a highly concentrated, usable form. Micro-Mins Plus contains a wide variety of high-quality trace and ultra-trace minerals that you need to provide nutritional support to your entire body. Micro-Mins Plus is a quick and easy way to supplement these minerals in your diet on a regular basis without having to purchase numerous supplements.

Product 6140 is not available for sale or distribution in California. Product 1364 will be substituted.

Gluten Free

60 capsules

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